This is the part where I’m supposed to say great things about myself, maybe even in third-person. I’ll spare you all that. Take a look through my site and you’ll quickly see what I’m about. I make pictures for a living. I log lots of miles. I chase great light. I tell the stories of people and brands that thrive in the outdoors. And I’m blessed that my office is usually a remote destination with horrible cell service … far from crowds, concrete and congestion. 
​I believe compelling, brand-building photography is a team effort, and I’m fortunate to work with some really great people. If you’re looking to partner with a driven, experienced shooter whose sole focus is telling your story in an authentic, dynamic way, we should talk

Born and raised in Southern California, my adventurous side took me all over this great country. Living in all four timezones throughout my life, I now call Pittsburgh Pennsylvania my home. My career started out in the graphic design area and slowly progressed into other areas of design, such as packaging, in-store, direct mail, and ultimately managing major brands in the outdoor industry. With a desire to get more creative, I have partnered with some great people in the outdoors to produce and direct outdoor photography and videography. Over the last few years I have been blessed to meet a lot of great people and document their experiences through multiple lenses.
John Hafner
 Justin Long
Photographer, Journalist & Creative Writer
Director &
​Creative Designer
"You grew up in New Jersey?  How did you get involved in the outdoors?  They call it The Garden State for a reason people! It’s not all a concrete jungle and what my town lacked in brick and mortar conveniences it made up for in majestic views and expansive open spaces that formed my passion for the outdoors. This passion grew so deep it influenced the direction of my career merging my love for visual communication, and a gift for cultivating lasting relationships with my enthusiasm for all that nature had to offer.  For the better part of the last 20 years I’ve been fortunate to call many open spaces my office and help companies shine amongst their piers while enjoying the sights and sounds of nature.
Over the last 15 years Kaleb has accomplished many thing in the industry. Below are just a few highlights:

​- Built and developed Cabela’s Signature
  Outdoor Adventures and The Experience

- Has photographed, filmed and hunted
  all continents except Antartica
- Was ran over by a 2.5 truck, survived and still
  “got the shot”    
Heath has many years under his belt, building and exploring the outdoors all throughout this great country. Growing up in Western Pennsylvania, he finally landed in the great state of Montana where he enjoys wildlife filming in the Bison Range. Heath is probably more well known as the Montana State record holder for the largest Long-Nose Sucker fish. 
Cinematographer/Photographer + Director originally from Mancos, CO. Discovered photography while working as a Park Ranger at Mesa Verde National Park in the early 90's. Began shooting video in 1998 to add another dimension to the visual story telling arsenal. Passionate about wildlife, wild places and their conservation.
I have come to realize that I have the coolest job ever. How often does a person get the opportunity to do the things they love to do, and make a career out of it? I love being outdoors in nature - hunting, fishing, camping, hiking. You name it, if I am outside, I am happy- even chopping firewood. I have worked throughout the world of fast-paced newspaper photojournalism, documenting some of the greatest and worst moments in people's lives. After leaving the Sun-Times News Group in Chicago, I made the moved back to my home state of Michigan to be close to my family.
Teeter, as we like to call him is pretty quite, humble and a fun guy to be around. Knowing that he doesn't partake in the social communities, we thought it was appropriate to write a little about him since he probably wouldn't. Teeter has filmed for Outdoor TV shows around the globe and has experienced some amazing adventures. His ability to capture those moments and share them through a creative lens takes time and patience...which if you know him, he's got a lot of it. 
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