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About Us

Supporting Those Who Care For the Most Vulnerable

What does "828Collective" mean?


In Romans 8:28, Paul writes that, in Christ, even the most difficult of challenges can be redeemed and "work for the good of those who love him". We believe in the Gospel and believe in the good that God has planned for those facing an unexpected pregnancy.

As a Collective, we believe in cooperating and learning from other life-affirming voices, non-profits, and activists. Working together, we advocate and advance the cause and dignity of life.


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Our values

What Our Company Rallies Around

Affirming Life

We believe that where life exists, God’s spirit is present (Gen. 2:7). We believe in the dignity of all persons, born and unborn, and seek to further conversations that affirm and support that life.

The Gospel

The resurrection of Jesus is God’s verdict that life is victorious over death. This is the Gospel. We believe in the impact this reality has for everyone, despite whatever circumstances they find themselves in.


The body of Christ works best in cooperation. We bring our expertise in digital marketing and online best practices to help pregnancy centers do their best to assist women experiencing an unexpected pregnancy.


The Truth doesn't need any misleading or deceptive messaging to be effective. Our marketing and advertising strategies are grounded on honesty, and we exclusively employ truthful communications in all interactions with women facing an unexpected pregnancy.

Frequently asked questions

A few more details
about our team

  • For the past decade, multi-million dollar industrial and SaaS companies listed on the NYSE have entrusted us with their digital strategy through 828's parent company, Open Path Digital.

    While fulfilling work, we really enjoy putting our effort behind companies that share our passions and convictions. We started 828Collective to bring proven industry best practices and leading edge strategies to pregnancy centers that are actively impacting their communities. 

  • Our multi-generational team prides itself on a multifaceted approach to communication. So, whether you prefer email chains, calls, or video chats, we’re happy to accommodate.

    We value relationships and are very service-oriented. Our goal is to not only provide you with leading-edge marketing and websites, but also to get to know your center personally and provide support across your many initiatives. 

  • We always offer free, no-commitment consultation calls to new clients. This gives you (and us) a chance to feel each other out to ensure we’re a good fit before any contract is signed. 

  • We proudly distinguish ourselves in two key areas.

    Firstly, our team boasts nearly a decade of valuable experience in the commercial market through our parent company Open Path Digital, serving businesses ranging from small enterprises to large corporations. This extensive background has cultivated a dynamic team adept at solving diverse problems and handling various projects, resulting in a flexible and well-rounded collaboration.

    Secondly, unlike many agencies that primarily concentrate on website traffic or paid ad impressions, we go beyond the basics. We place a strong emphasis on every aspect of a woman's journey with your clinic, from creating the initial impression to ensuring a seamless experience during in-person appointments. This holistic approach sets us apart, demonstrating our commitment to comprehensive and impactful support for your clinic's success.

Meet the team

Get to know the
828Collective core team


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What others have said

Client Testimonials

After working alongside Chris and his team for the past few months, I know that they truly have a heart for the pregnancy center ministry and desire that their services be used by the Lord to help enable and empower even the smaller centers to reach the high risk clients in their communities.


Karen Wistrand

Karen Wistrand
Executive Director
Hope Pregnancy Centers, Inc.