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Benchmarking survey

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Reaching her together

Collaborative learning for greater impact

Each pregnancy center is staffed by Gospel-driven staff members with unique insights and expertise on reaching abortion-vulnerable women.

By submitting your center's data to our benchmarking survey, you help inform the community of what works and why, and gain effective insights on how your own center can reach more women. Centers that join in on this initiative will gain access to the confidential benchmarking results and future resources.


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Spot areas for improvement and learn from others

Identify your center's strengths and share Best Practices

Learn effective approaches, methods, and technology from other high performing centers

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Frequently asked questions

What to expect during
the survey process

  • To contribute to our survey, simply fill out the form below with some information about your center's area of operation and submit information on how women who are seriously considering an abortion have responded to the services of your clinic.

    This includes how many women have:

    • - Been contacted by your center
    • - Scheduled services
    • - Showed up for services
    • - Received an ultrasound
    • - Decided to carry to term
    • - Become a disciple of Jesus

    Additionally, we'd like to know about the performance of your center's website in regard to visits and interactions with nurses who work with your clinic. This portion is optional and doesn't need to be provided if you don't have access to this data. 

  • Yes. Each center that participates will receive benchmarking data with stats on both national averages as well as averages for pregnancy centers operating in similar population-density areas.

    Our current goal is to share results by mid year 2024.

    After the initial report is released, you can expect to receive updated benchmarking data on a quarterly basis.

  • Virtually no time at all.

    Most pregnancy centers are actively tracking the data we're requesting internally. Simply fill out the form below and you're done!

    NOTE: You do not have to share data on every metric requested. If you aren't sure or aren't comfortable submitting anything, simply skip it. You'll still get access to the benchmarking data.


  • Yes. The data you share will not be tied to your pregnancy center in the report or any data we share with others.

    We only ask for your email so we can send you the benchmarking data once it's ready and your website so we can see why and how your website is bringing in traffic.

    In the report, all data shared is kept anonymous.

  • Absolutely. Simply fill out the form below and we will email you a submitted confidentiality agreement.


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