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Add On: Advanced Analytics

Helping Pregnancy Centers Understand Her Journey




Understand Her Journey

Equipping Your Center to Serve Her Better

Understanding the journey of a woman experiencing an unexpected pregnancy is critical in reaching her with life-affirming support. With an Advanced Analytics package, you're equipped with the insights, support, and content needed to draw more abortion-vulnerable women to your center.

Additionally, we equip your team with the tools to track and optimize Her Journey from her first touch on your website through her decision to carry to term. 


Access Analytics to See What's Working

Follow Her Journey From First Touchpoint to Decision

Understand Your Center's Impact on Her


Implement Best Practices & Continuously Improve Alongside Other Centers


Advanced Analytics Features:

Quarterly Meetings with Your Team

Gain expertise and training through our digital marketing experts. We constantly monitor the search trends of women experiencing an unexpected pregnancy and give you the content and strategy to help them find your clinic.

Reporting across Her Journey

Stay informed about how well your website is performing and what’s making the biggest impact from your website. Discover new opportunities to reach abortion-vulnerable women and give them the support they need.

Content library access

Our content writing team regularly updates the resource library pregnancy centers use to publish engaging blogs and articles that nurture women experiencing an unexpected pregnancy and guide them to your center.

Website updates based on Recommendations

Don’t fret about keeping your website up-to-date. With the Advanced Analytics package, 828Collective takes care of it so you can focus on supporting women in your area.

Frequently asked questions

About Advanced Analytics

Our website package provides a strong foundation for your center, geared to attract women to your services. The Advanced Analytics takes things up a notch.

It's designed to provide you with more visibility across the entire journey of a woman's interaction with your clinic and give you the ability to optimize your results.

This add-on will help you answer questions like, "How can we get more women to show up for their appointments?" and "What can we do to boost the number of women choosing to carry their baby to term?" Plus, we'll share data on how your clinic stacks up against others in similar areas and population sizes.

The Advanced Analytics package throws in extra customized coaching for your team every quarter and access to an ongoing content library

Yes. To access the Advanced Analytics add-on, you must have a website developed by  828Collective.

Our websites are purposefully designed to establish the foundational elements necessary for effective integration and utilization of the Advanced Analytics features, ensuring a seamless and optimized experience.

We've designed this service to deliver maximum value without demanding an extensive commitment of your time and resources.

While there may be a bit more initial involvement – such as monthly touchpoints to help us access and organize your center's key in-office data – once everything is set up, we'll only need about 3-4 hours of your staff's time each quarter.

It's our way of ensuring efficiency and effectiveness with minimal impact on your busy schedule.

Ready to start?

Add Advanced Analytics to your Website Package


Her Journey
Advanced Analytics



Only available in bundle with our website package.


  • Track Her Journey from first impression to in-clinic services
  • Proactive website improvements
  • Quarterly meetings to adjust strategy and make updates across website
  • Access to an ongoing content library


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We are happy to talk with you about our experience helping pregnancy centers understand Her Journey more effectively.  Please reach out to us and let us know how we can help.


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