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Core Team


Amanda Johnson

Co-Founder & Dir. of Client Success


“Navigating my professional journey from an art major to an international entrepreneur has taught me to embrace change and find joy in every challenge. In 2016, feeling a spiritual calling alongside partners Chris Thornton and David Hardwick, I  embarked on a transformative journey driven by the prospect of building a values-centric company where curiosity thrives and exceptional results are delivered with Kingdom-building work in mind.”


Meet Amanda Johnson, Director of Client Success at 828Collective. Holding the unofficial title of "Head of Operations and Fun Ambassador," Amanda brings a unique blend of creativity, adaptability, and passion to her role. With an associate's degree in Art, Amanda seamlessly transitioned from her studies to social work and entrepreneurship, a decision influenced by the 2010 recession. She established a business supporting global missionaries in constructing fair-trade enterprises. At its peak, she managed projects in seven countries, handling product design, material sourcing, US market ecommerce research, and retail and wholesale sales. After much success, she felt the Lord closing that chapter and highlighting the opportunity to form a partnership to establish Open Path. Fueled by her passion for creativity and insight into consumer behavior, Amanda discovered her niche in marketing. Guided by a growth-focused mindset, she eagerly embraces learning and adapting to new challenges, both personally and professionally.


Proud of the close-knit team she has built, Amanda fosters a collaborative environment that has been instrumental in the company's success. She believes everyone's skill sets are perfectly intertwined, valuing flexibility and a family-like atmosphere as the cornerstone of their vibrant company culture.


Outside the office, Amanda delights in creative pursuits like baking, art, or decorating her house. She wholeheartedly adopts a DIY mindset, turning anything and everything into a project (even if it might be better suited for a professional). She is also passionate about holistic health practices, herbalism, and the intricacies of the human body, and embracing non-toxic living.


Fun Facts:


  • Favorite food: Chips and salsa, hands down.
  • Personal quest: I’m obsessed with perfecting the chocolate chip cookie.
  • Next on my Bucket List: To see the Northern Lights
  • How I unwind: I embrace farm life, reveling in the simplicity of walking barefoot, tending to animals, cultivating flowers, and birdwatching.
  • Words to live by: My go-to inspiration comes from Hebrews 11:11, reminding me of the power of faith and perseverance during challenging seasons.
  • “And by faith, even Sarah, who was past childbearing age, was enabled to bear children because she considered him faithful who had made the promise.”

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