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Uncovering CPC Best Practices Through Benchmarking



Her Journey, Your Impact

Is Your Center Reaching As Many Women As It Should?

Your center does a great job reaching and impacting women going through the stress and indecision that comes with an unexpected pregnancy. But could you be doing better?

If you missed our most recent webinar on benchmarking and online best practices, we shared about an ongoing collaborative initiative to identify high-performing centers, share best practices, and witness real-life impacts.


What you can Expect in the replay:

Understand the importance of benchmarking and its pivotal role in center success.

Learn how you can participate in a collaborative effort with centers nation-wide.

Experience the transformative impact of benchmarking through a real-life case study, highlighting how a focus on "her journey" elevates CPC impact.


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Chris Thornton | CEO at 828Collective

With almost a decade under his belt leading a marketing company serving the corporate world, Chris Thornton now directs his expertise to kingdom-building pursuits. As a former president of the board for a local pregnancy center, he brings industry experience and a shared passion for their missions. Leading the team at 828Collective, Chris is dedicated to supporting pregnancy centers with practical data insights and fostering growth through marketing and strategy best practices.