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Core Team


Chris Thornton

Co-Founder & CEO


"Transitioning from engineering to the CEO and Sr. Strategist role at 828Collective has been a transformative journey, where I find joy in challenges that advance God’s Kingdom and assist others. As a leader, my passion is working with people and guiding them in applying innovative tools and data insights to improve their operations. I take pride in contributing to 828Collective's mission to transform how Pregnancy Centers connect with those facing unplanned pregnancies.”


Meet Chris Thornton, a seasoned professional with an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin and a diverse background in engineering, sales, and finance. Formerly a Senior Technical Staff member at Texas Instruments, he accumulated several patents and contributed to numerous technical publications, showcasing his commitment to innovation. He also held various sales positions at GE Capital.


Chris's journey is marked by a passion for challenging tasks aligned with God's Kingdom. Transitioning from the corporate world to entrepreneurship, he is proud of the role he played in shaping 828Collective and building its outstanding team. Whether leading new business channels, fostering strategic relationships, or driving revenue, Chris thrives on confronting complex challenges and helping others achieve their goals.


At 828Collective, Chris enjoys the collaborative and familial culture, finding joy in assisting clients in turning visions into reality. His pivotal experience at the most recent Care Net National Conference highlighted the potential for 828Collective to make a significant impact on how pregnancy centers, supporting pro-life causes, connect with women facing unplanned pregnancies—a cause he passionately champions.


Chris actively engages with the community, having served as a board member and president of Central Texas Christian School and Hope Pregnancy Center. His commitment extends to youth development as an adult leader for the Bell County youth 4-H Horse Club where he dedicated four years.

Beyond work, Chris has many interests, from DIY projects to gardening, fishing, hosting dinner parties, and cherishing moments with loved ones. His strong commitment to pro-life initiatives is further reflected in his active involvement in various church-related activities.

Fun Facts:


  • Personal quest: I want to help 100 kids catch their first fish (currently at 57)
  • My favorite movie: "It's a Wonderful Life." It reminds me that embracing our God-given purpose and being thankful for what we have are the keys to happiness.
  • Surprising info: I've done business in and traveled to 30+ countries but never lived more than 15 miles from my birthplace.
  • Favorite travel destination: Great Wall of China
  • Best piece of advice: On restless nights when challenges keep my mind active, I brew a cup of Sleepy-Time tea, connect with the Lord, jot down His guidance, and find my way back to peaceful sleep.
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