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Core Team


David Hardwick

Co-Founder & Director of IT


"Reflecting on my professional journey to the roles of CTO and Director of Finance at 828Collective, I've had the privilege of shaping our technological landscape and ensuring software excellence while maintaining day-to-day financial operations. Beyond the numbers, my joy is amplified when collaborating on impactful projects aligned with the greater purpose of furthering God's kingdom. 828Collective's culture of creativity, collaboration, and purpose-driven work has truly made this journey exceptional, and I look forward to the continued evolution and success of our collective efforts.”


Meet David Hardwick, the skilled professional behind the scenes at 828Collective, proudly wearing the hats of CTO and Director of Finance. David's 35-year journey in technology began in the manufacturing realm, where he honed his skills as a developer and manager. Before co-founding 828Collective, he capped his career as the Vice President of IT at Artcobell. The guiding principle that has steered him throughout his career is a simple yet profound question: "What problem are you trying to solve?"


In his dual role as CTO, David shapes our technological landscape, ensuring software excellence that surpasses industry standards. As the Director of Finance, he oversees daily financial operations, managing cash flow, P&L, and balance sheets while navigating the intricacies of banking relationships and troubleshooting financial concerns.

David's career is marked by numerous accomplishments. Notably, he led a technical team through a successful divestiture from a larger organization, seamlessly establishing it as an independent business—completed on time, under budget, and with minimal issues. Additionally, he spearheaded a team in the meticulous planning and execution of upgrading an ERP software system. Experiences like these reinforce his commitment to breaking down major projects into smaller, manageable tasks, ensuring timely and budget-friendly completion.


What he values most about 828Collective is the team culture, fostering a seamless collaboration where creativity flows freely and aligns with the greater purpose of furthering God's kingdom.


Despite his problem-solving demeanor, David has learned to go with the flow and embrace the 'fun' aspect of the family-like culture, occasionally allowing the team to pick on him!


Outside the office, you'll find David savoring precious moments with his granddaughter and embarking on his latest new adventure in RVing. David loves to challenge himself with new experiences but woodworking projects and the art of Texas BBQ are his go-to hobbies.

Fun Facts:


  • Hidden Talents: I enjoy researching recipes to make on my smoker by watching YouTube videos, making even unexpected desserts like smoked Creme Brulee.
  • Interesting tidbit: I’ve gone on several mission trips, mostly in Mexico, but once traveled to visit orphanages in the Ukraine.
  • Words to live by: As Joshua 1:9 inspires me, I encourage everyone to be strong, courageous, and unafraid of stepping out of their comfort zones, for success lies beyond fear's grasp.
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