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Core Team


Luke Donahue

Growth Strategist


"As the Growth Strategist at 828Collective, I’m able to blend my two favorite passions – competition and storytelling. My focus is on producing results while crafting compelling, honest narratives. Managing content and ad strategy is where these passions come together, and seeing the results is by far the best part. I enjoy teaming up with clients, sharing their enthusiasm, working together to reach their goals, and celebrating the success that follows."

Meet Luke Donahue. A graduate of the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor with a degree in Mass Communication/Public Relations and a Master of Divinity from Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Luke brings a unique blend of expertise to the field. Beyond marketing, he holds licenses in preaching and has significantly contributed to youth ministry, preaching, and private education. His commitment to learning extends to marketing certifications from HubSpot and LinkedIn Learning.


Navigating the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, Luke Donahue seamlessly blends compelling copywriting with strategic search engine tactics, honing his skills as a content and SEO specialist. With more than four years of experience, he excels at merging his passion for competition with his storytelling expertise. Luke finds great satisfaction in helping websites achieve exponential growth in web traffic through impactful content and ad strategies.


In his professional theological journey, he founded and led the Austin Presbyterian Seminary Patristics Society, dedicated to the study of the Early Church Fathers. Luke takes pride in academic pursuits and embraces a Kenotic lifestyle, drawing inspiration from Philippians 2:5-11 for a commitment to selfless living.


Within the company culture, he appreciates the genuine care his coworkers extend to his and his family's well-being, emphasizing a people-first approach. He enjoys the fun, family-like environment, and he loves harassing his coworkers on a weekly basis with useless trivia that he is passionate about.


Outside of work, Luke values time with loved ones and continues his journey as a lifelong learner. While he still enjoys ancient Christian authors, his recent readings explore Middle Eastern and World War II studies.


Fun Facts:


  • Favorite movie: Office Space
  • Preferred cuisine: I love extremely spicy curry.
  • Quirky tidbit: Criss-Cross Apple-Sauce is my favorite sitting position.
  • Favorite Sport: I am a fiend for live sports. It doesn’t matter if it’s cornhole or basketball—I just love to see people in competition.
  • Favorite quote:  "If you chop your own wood, you warm yourself twice."
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