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Core Team


Matt Collatz

Lead Designer


"Embarking on a creative journey from musician to graphic designer, I discovered the art of captivating others through visual storytelling. In my role as the Graphic Designer at 828Collective, I am dedicated to infusing the team with a harmonious blend of creativity, passion, and a competitive spirit. I seek not only to deliver value to my team and clients but also to foster a compassionate understanding of their needs, consistently striving to enhance and better serve those around me both personally and professionally."


Matt's college journey started with a dilemma, choosing between music and art, both of which allowed him to experience the world creatively. After exploring music for two years, a spiritual calling led him to consider a career in medicine. He switched his major to biology, but God redirected him into vocational ministry while on an international mission trip through Cru. Serving in ministry for seven years, he developed graphic design as a side hobby, blending his passion for captivating others with creative experiences.


During the pandemic, Matt recognized his passion for graphic design, diving deeper into the field through online classes and joining the creative team of the ministry in Austin, Texas. Transitioning into 828Collective, he's embraced the design world with a leap of faith, demonstrating continuous growth in this evolving industry.


Driven by a competitive spirit, Matt strives for self-improvement and learns from his peers. His self-taught journey fosters humility and resilience, essential qualities in the ever-changing landscape of design.


At 828Collective, Matt cherishes the caring and value-driven environment where he feels not just as an employee but as a valued team member. The love and care stem from a collective heart posture of humility before the Lord, making the company culture truly unique.


Outside the office, Matt devotes most of his time to his cherished Shiba Inu dogs. Their preferred weekend excursions involve hill country hikes, and Matt is sure to bring them along wherever his ventures take him.


Fun Facts:


Hobbies: I enjoy photography as another creative outlet.

Favorite sport/team: Originally from Wisconsin, I'm a Badger fan, and sand volleyball is my go-to for community, fun, and fitness in Austin.

Nerdiest obsession: Marching band and drum corps have been a lifelong passion. I marched for four years in high school and college, instructing and even turning down a contract with the Blue Stars Drum and Bugle Corps for a 3-month mission trip.

Unexpected incident: I chipped my front tooth during a fit because my dad wouldn't buy me the new Backstreet Boys CD.

Words to live by: 1 John 2:6 challenges me to live my life as Jesus did, reminding me not to neglect the needs of those around me.

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